Rezinwolf – Poison Ivy

A review of the new track by Harwich’s own heavyweights

After numerous line-up changes and uncertainty about the band’s future, Rezinwolf’s metamorphosis into the band they are today is the equivalent of metal’s own thrash butterfly. Returning with a crisper sound, the band still wear their thrash influences on their sleeves but now with an added classic rock punch. Managing to avoid heavy metal clichés, Rezinwolf are now a beast to contend with. Injecting the song with hooks and guitar licks aplenty, it is clear the band now feel comfortable with their sound. Like the title, it’s hard not to be stung by frontman Murf’s words “Sweet Miss poison ivy. The lips that sealed a thousand deaths.” If the energy in the track is anything to go by, then Rezinwolf’s live set would be an event not to miss. Who knows what this band will evolve into next?

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