Tesseract – Errai EP

A review of Tesseract’s new EP


When TESSERACT’s third album Polaris dropped in 2015 it catapulted the band into the prog stratosphere. The album was nothing short of spectacular and now, a year later, their EP Errai has been brought to us. Errai offer re-workings of four tracks from Polaris; Survival, Cages, Tourniquet and Seven Names. These stripped down tracks demonstrate the song writing calibre the band harness. The standout talent of vocalist Daniel Tompkins is on full power here with the calmer accompaniment of the instrumentation.

First track Survival is a totally different beast to its Polaris counterpart, with piano replacing the original crushing riff. It does not lose its original haunting feel, instead it has accelerated through Tompkin’s intense vocal delivery. It is surprising that Tourniquet could be stripped back even further, but on Errai the emotion is ramped up with the song’s climax not losing any of its original potency. If you’re having one of those days when you want to listen to your favourite band but can’t deal with screams, riffs and breakdowns then this EP is for you!

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