Trap Them – Crown Feral

A review of the new album by the Boston mob

Opening track Kindred Dirt starts as a bit of an unexpected slow burner, then all of a sudden the ferocious drums and THAT guitar tone kicks in so when second track Hellionaires begins, we’re back to where ’14 album Blissfucker left off. However, Crown Feral is Blissfucker version 2.0.

Darker, angrier and more desperate, the collaboration once again with producing maestro Kurt Ballou has resulted in TRAP THEM’s signature distorted sound of a metal-punk-hardcore mess. Fifth track Malengines Here, Where They Should Be almost has a groove metal element to it and it keeps the album kicking our eardrums into oblivion. Vocalist Ryan McKenney never lets up, barking from start to end, bringing the raw aggression. When the slow, commanding beats open Twitching in the Auras, the listener is transported to a tortured existence which gives way to a southern haze and rumbling bass.

TRAP THEM hark back to the days of bands such as HOPE CONSPIRACY and CURSED but bring the style kicking and screaming into 2016. Closing track Phantom Air storms in with a crushing riff but ends abruptly, leaving no doubt the band have said all that needs to be said. In these darks times, Crown Feral could be the soundtrack to the modern horror we call life.

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