Metalmance Monster Hits Part 1

5 fiendishly good metal videos to get you in the mood for all things undead and delicious

Halloween is almost upon us! Enjoy the first part of Metalmance’s list of spooktacular band videos to rattle your bones to.

NEW YEAR’S DAY – Angel Eyes

It just wouldn’t be Halloween without Ash Costello and the frontman of MOTIONLESS IN WHITE, getting all freaky in this NEW YEAR’S DAY video which gets fans all hot under their tattoo chokers. All goth girls probably wish they can catch Chris Motionless’ eye across a masquerade ballroom floor. He sure does steal hearts in this video…ahem…


ENGERICA – The Smell

Nowadays the scariest thing to come out of Essex is the cast of TOWIE, but 10 years ago this gloriously old school horror video by Essex band ENGERICA gave everyone the creeps. Stylishly shot in black and white, ‘the smell’ is cast in a ghoulish green and terrorises a whole city. The band’s catchy and fun rock songs are sorely missed but it’s gems like this video that remind us what a [trick or] treat the band were.


MY VITRIOL – Nightcall

Will the new MY VITRIOL album finally see the light in 2017??? Here’s hoping, but until then, feast your eyes on this hella-creepy video for their cover of KAVINSKY’s Nightcall. Frontman Som Wardner sports a pair of fangs and white contacts in this video to accompany the narrative of a terrifying masked stalker (think Michael Myers crossed with Team America). It involves woods, lots of blood and a disturbing twist…


BLEEDING THROUGH – Kill to Believe

Now, I’ve been a bit cheeky here and included BLEEDING THROUGH twice in this list, but bear with me. Both videos connect, with this video for Kill to Believe being first in the running order. Frontman Brandan Schieppati pulls up to a roadside diner with his new bride, but the locals are not exactly hospitable. Things soon start to get tense and violent and you might want to reconsider using the loo at the next diner you visit…


BLEEDING THROUGH – Love in Slow Motion

Things ramp up in this ‘sequel’ to the previous video. To avoid spoiling the other plot, I’ll just say Schieppati gets his revenge here. Stylistically the video definitely feels a bit Texas Chainsaw Massacre with the characters seen in Kill to Believe (including the band themselves) receiving their violent punishments. The brutal imagery here suits the absolutely lethal metal which BLEEDING THROUGH were best known and missed for.


Check in later in the week for more monstrous gems!

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