Metalmance Monster Hits Part 2

Unlike most Halloween sequels, this is actually hella good…

Back for more weird and wonderful metal videos? Good.


What do you mean, do I mean MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE?! Nope! You can have more than one romance you know (Metalmance anyone?). Anyway, this isn’t a Valentines Day post but a Halloween one, so back to business. In this video for the Halloween-appropriate song Monsters, things get a little dark and strange. Think of that bit in Home Alone with the tar and feathers and you’re along the right lines…


IN THIS MOMENT – Sex Metal Barbie

This video looks like when you show up to a Halloween party at the Student Union and you realise you’re not showing enough leg. In all seriousness though, Maria Brink and co always have an incredible aesthetic which doesn’t distract from the music, but instead adds another dimension to it. This band have style AND substance, and with a catchy song as this, this video is a winner.


MORTIIS – The Shining Lamp of God

Ah, everyone’s favourite Norwegian troll – sans mask, serves up a delicious Frankenstein inspired treat here. MORTIIS gets his Mary Shelley on here in a gothic laboratory setting. Avoid this if you don’t like snakes, blood and stitches in skin. Do watch if you’re a fan of things in jars and bloody good industrial metal.



This band were made for Halloween with their kohl eyes and black leather. We’ve already seen Chris Motionless with NEW YEAR’S DAY in Part 1, but MIW more than hold their own in a ridiculously gothic video, with candles and apparitions aplenty. Watch out for a cameo by Mick Kenney from ANAAL NATHRAKH as the devil. Just don’t be afraid of looking in the mirror after this…


BLOODBATH – Church of Vastitas

A creepy church is mandatory for a night like Halloween and luckily, this video by the mighty BLOODBATH provides the chills and black and white thrills. Sounding more black metal here than their usual death metal, vocalist Old Nick is clad in a black cloak while he growls and shouts over scenes of an abandoned graveyard and desolate church. This is one for the old school Halloween fans here.



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