Voices From The Fuselage – Odyssey: The Destroyer of Worlds

White Star Records. Release date: 28.10.2016

Re-released on White Star Records, this album originally dropped back in June 2015, but it still sounds as fresh and as current as ever. You’re probably already familiar with the voice of Ashe O’Hara as he was the vocalist for TESSERACT during their second album, Altered State. Now reunited with VOICES FROM THE FUSELAGE, the singer sounds comfortable and at ease in the music he can make his own, along with the other members; guitarists Mitch Ramsay and Josh Galloway, bassist Dale Gorham and drummer Scott Lockhart.

Opening track Ortus sets the scene for the band’s melodic progressive metal. There is a strong cinematic feel with the blissful melody shimmering along with O’Hara’s voice, which can only be described as stunning. The crisp and clean production sets every element to shine and it all seamlessly works together to project the talent and confidence of a band still in the early stages of their career.

Piano infused Meteorites demonstrates the band’s ability to compose a diverse corker of a song. This is soon followed by Anew, which is a strong, all-round solid tune. The keys and guitars kick it almost into ballad territory with heartfelt lyrics and soaring melodies. Epicinium has a laidback ISSUES vibe. A bit of a thumper of a pop-tinged tune, this song explores what possible melodic directions the band could move in, but it also breaks the album up nicely.

Devil’s Advocate gets a bit heavier, definitely more of a straight up metal feel here which shifts into an incredible post-rock dimension. It’s hard to predict what this track will do next, which is pretty much how the whole┬áreocrd flows. The potential of this band can be heard simmering away throughout this album. It will be an incredible moment when VOICES FROM THE FUSELAGE hit their stride, so let’s hope it won’t be too long a wait for their next album.


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