annisokay – Devil May Care

Label: Long Branch Records. Release Date: 11th Nov 2016.

You might remember ANNISOKAY were Metalmance’s band to watch back in Weekly Roundup #5 and for good reason! Third album, Devil May Care sounds like a throwback to the glory days of post-hardcore, but with an additional modern crunch. With the aggression of newer PARKWAY DRIVE and the melodic sensibilities of bands like SAOSIN and SILVERSTEIN, ANNISOKAY will appeal to fans across the melodic metal spectrum. You’re probably wondering what this German five-piece bring to the table in terms of originality. Well, if you listen to the album you can hear a young, enthusiastic group playing music they believe in and really care about. They don’t go through the motions here, every piece played and note sung is conveyed with passion and a love for the genre of music they play.

Opening with single Loud, the band get underway with their dynamic approach to screaming and clean singing. You wouldn’t have heard dual vocals this tight and well executed since the heyday of UNDEROATH. This track demonstrates the sense of urgency ANNISOKAY exude, thanks to the high energy which is present until the end of the album. Third track Smile has a killer combination of an infectious groove, a soaring chorus and a guest spot from Marcus Bridge of NORTHLANE to boot! A few songs into the album and you’re well and truly hooked.

Latest single Blind Lane is a mature and laidback effort, but still maintains the band’s intense delivery. It is followed by Thumbs Up Thumbs Down which is a song which has it all; brutality, intensity, melody and a guest appearance from Christoph Von Freydorf from fellow German metallers EMIL BULLS. It packs a punch then blisters you with its highly charged chorus.

Eighth track Photographs is probably the most typically ‘post-hardcore’ song of the album. The guitar tone and raw vocals hark back to the aforementioned bands of SAOSIN and UNDEROATH. It is another example of the melodic intensity ANNISOKAY offer. You don’t get this quality of post-hardcore very often these days, so when a band like ANNISOKAY come along, it is something special.

Last track The Last Planet wraps up proceedings and brings the album to a heart wrenching close. ANNISOKAY have really stepped up their game since 2015’s album Enigmatic Smile as Devil May Care is a solid effort by the band. With such promise as this, ANNISOKAY are definitely more than okay!


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