Dreamshade – Vibrant

Label: Artery Recordings. Release date: 9th Dec 2016.

An album which shimmers with melodic metal perfection, this third offering from Swiss band DREAMSHADE is indeed a vibrant effort. Focusing lyrically on relationships whether romantic or familial, the band explore the ability to grow and learn from the inevitable shifts in relationships and friendships. This feeling of inner strength and growth is matched by the instrumentation, a strong and mature sound while remaining unpredictable throughout the record. With unexpected twists and turns in styles, DREAMSHADE’s music can be seen as a reflection of the unforeseen changes in life.

Vibrant kicks off with blinding opener Autumn Leaves, a song which demonstrates the band’s knack of juxtaposing metalcore with pop punk elements. Crushing riffs are accompanied with bittersweet keys while vocalist Kevin Calì screams and sings his lament for a broken relationship. But when autumn leaves fall, new ones eventually take their place, and this hope and regrowth is expressed through Calì’s declaration of self-reparation in It’s Over. A stripped back beginning, it soon erupts into a massive chorus which is sure to become a firm fan favourite.

Things take a bit of a LINKIN PARK-esque turn for track Don’t Wanna Go, with rap, electronic elements and a killer chorus, all executed with aplomb creating an emotionally raw track. The band then turn towards their metalcore influences for Dreamers Don’t Sleep, which once again expertly combines raw and clean vocals to a standard of later KILLSWITCH ENGAGE and SOILWORK. This heaviness continues into The World In My Hands but the pace picks up, creating a positive force of facing fears which will most certainly make the song a future anthem for DREAMSHADE fans.

An unexpected gem is found in the form of Another Me Another You which evolves from a blissfully laidback tune into almost a power ballad with its blistering lead guitar. It’s these small shifts in style which make DREAMSHADE an exciting band to listen to. Oceantides is also a standout track, with fierce guitars and a soaring melody, it’s a perfect example of the band’s own brand of metalcore.

Bringing the album to a close is the heart wrenching Father, a song which seems to incorporate all emotions which makes a fitting finale to what is an emotionally exposing album. DREAMSHADE have a created a solid body of material with Vibrant, a rewarding listen which displays the potential of DREAMSHADE hitting the mainstream and making it their own.

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