Weekly Roundup #13

Unlucky for some, but lucky for you metal lovers.

Band to watch: SET ON END. Think New Zealand is all about The Lord of the Rings, Flight of the Conchords and sheep? Guess again. Prog metallers SET ON END are well on their way to stamping their homeland on the progressive metal map. Their debut album The Dark Beyond was realised in July through Artery Recordings but new video for single Claw At The Throne dropped this week, reminding everyone why they deservedly demand your attention. On the TEXTURES end of progressive metal, previous singles Dissent and Dark Beyond also demonstrate the band’s knack of mixing groove into proceedings. With energetic aggression in the form of captivating frontman Jesse Cleaver and the riff genius of guitarists Matt Borsos and Gerry Dunn, SET ON END also somehow incorporate hardcore-punk worthy breakdowns to give their music an added punch. Brutal, groovy and progressive, what are you waiting for? Delve in!


Video to watch: DREAMSHADE. Today, Metalmance favourites DREAMSHADE dropped video for new single Where My Heart Belongs to accompany the release of their new album Vibrant. The content of the video matches perfectly the love and feedback the band have received from their fans already today. With footage of the band touring the world and playing many shows and festivals, it’s obvious the DREAMSHADE community are a passionate lot; with their fans showing the band some love but also the band clearly appreciating them and giving the love back through their energetic performances and attention they give on social media. The song title has connotations of returning to a loved one after months of touring, but maybe, just maybe it stands for the band returning to where they belong – on the road and amongst their fans. With tunes as strong as their fan base, DREAMSHADE are only set to get stronger.


In the stereo: SAOSIN. When Anthony Green reunited with SAOSIN at the tail end of 2014 I think everyone rejoiced with the news. As good as the other vocalist Cove Reber was (the debut self-titled album is still an emo classic) SAOSIN with Anthony Green is post-hardcore heaven. In May this year the band released their first full length album with Green (he had only appeared on their debut EP before) in the form of the stunning Along the Shadow. The album kicks in with the incredible The Silver String, raw emotion clearing the way to soothing melodies. The album is one hot nostalgic trip to the glory days of post-hardcore, but somehow they sound timeless. Ideology is Theft has probably the most climatic post-hardcore middle eight seen this side of 2010. An album full of beautiful moments and heart wrenching melodies it’s no surprise Along the Shadow still gets frequent spins in the stereo.


Band to rediscover: DEVIL SOLD HIS SOUL. It’s been a while since we’ve heard from these metalcore greats from London, but today they released their new track The Reckoning on Bandcamp for a good cause. In August, fellow metal musician and friend of the band, Tom Searle from ARCHITECTS sadly passed away. All proceeds from The Reckoning will be donated by DEVIL SOLD HIS SOUL to The Martlets Hospice as a tribute to Tom Searle’s legacy and to help others with a terminal illness and their families. A good cause by a great band, The Reckoning is also an exciting slab of atmospheric metal which is hopefully a good indicator of the crushing material we could expect from the band next year. Follow the links below to hear the single and buy off Bandcamp or to donate directly to the JustGiving page.




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