White Stag – Emergence

Self-release. Release Date: 17th February 2017.

Silent Riddles is a nine minute epic opener which starts with a strong melodic CYNIC vibe and erupts into a spacey riff the likes of MASTODON would be proud of. This song is a good introduction to what the remainder of the album has to offer; a mixed bag of a lot of progressive and experimental elements. Halfway through the song there is a strong post-rock feel too, a bit like if OPETH went down the MAYBESHEWILL route.

The title track takes more of a BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME turn, with the ambitious length of the song (16 minutes) and the constant fluid changes between styles. Beginning with an eerie, ambient feel it soon breaks away to a gritty, almost black metal verse. After the IHSAHN-esque vocals, the song floats and crashes along in a wave of prog. 11 minutes in and Emergence descends into an unnecessary midi haze. The song redeems itself by the end as it lapses into a metallic groove.

Track three, Torrential Skylines provides a short instrumental interlude before the song Inhabitant which follows a similar structure to the title track but in a more focused way. Starting with a post-rock ditty, the song then moves into MASTODON territory again. The band’s experimental edge emerges again for the remainder of the track, resulting in a chaotic crash.

Accidental Entity is the heaviest ten minutes of the album and probably one of the more consistent songs on Emergence, but closer Soak Up The Fall has definitely been saved for last. The most rewarding track to listen to in terms of melody and direction, WHITE STAG show their song writing talent with this song. The band sound a bit unfocused at times during the album but with the last two songs everything seems to come together, demonstrating the band’s progressive potential. An ambitious effort, the band clearly are not afraid to take creative risks.


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