PIG + Mortiis + Seraph Sin

Epic Studios, Norwich. 17 March 2017.

Epic Studios, an old television studio, seemed to be the perfect setting for an evening of industrial rock and metal. Wires, plugs and projections all contributed to the visual dynamic for the show. There wasn’t a big turn out tonight unfortunately, but if there was ever a gig which would make the goths of Norwich dance, then this would be it.

Getting the industrial gears oiled up for the evening were SERAPH SIN. Considering the room was still quite sparse, the Glaswegians put on a show worthy of a venue double the size. Flitting across many genres, they started with a blackened industrial sound before enveloping the room with 80s electronic vibes. Clad in New Rocks and black face paint, frontman Gabriel Lennox commanded attention with his ferocious stage presence, but it was drummer Roddy McCahon who stole the show with his tight beats and PRODIGY-esque rhythm. An impressive performance from the band, ones to watch for sure.


Now the venue had filled up a little more, there was now a real buzz in the room for the first of the headline acts, Norway’s finest, MORTIIS. Last year’s The Great Deceiver stunned fans and critics alike and now tonight they’re ready to unleash their industrial metal upon this small city. Guitarist and drummer Levi Gawron and Tim Van Horn enter the stafe hushing the cheering crowd to silence before legendary frontman Havard Ellefsen jumped on the platform. From then on in, the room descended into a dark and gritty groove. Projections of film clips and album artwork gave the performance an electronic intensity. Dancing barefoot and with his trademark make-up, Ellefsen proved what a visually captivating frontman he is, a man decades into the game and still able to rock harder than most, signifies someone very special indeed. Classic track Decadent and Desperate sounded a hundred times bigger live than on record, proving the quality of the songs and true showmanship show MORTIIS are still on top form.


Alternating headline slots on this Swine and Punishment tour, tonight’s headliners were the funky and punky PIG. Entering the stage with pig masks, the unsuspecting punter was probably anticipating an absolutely filthy industrial ruckus. But lo and behold PIG mastermind and flamboyant frontman Raymond Watts graces the stage in a faux fur coat and a captain’s hat before the band erupt into a swirling, sensual mass of funky, industrial groove. With an overwhelmingly 80s sound, the band stay fresh with modern effects and an irresistible flair. Watts is impossible to tear your eyes away from, a superb frontman, his vocals were on point but his moves were even sharper. Everyone was in good spirits, dancing and mesmerised by the band’s superb showmanship. A truly captivating band with a stadium sound, it was impressive viewing. A stellar night overall, the city’s goths left the venue smiling and still with a spring in their step.

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