Rezinwolf EP

Self-released. Release date: 26 April 2017.

You may remember Metalmance reviewed REZINWOLF’s single Poison Ivy way back in September, but now the lads from Harwich have finally released the EP and it is a shining example of what metal delights Essex has to offer. If you’ve been following the band from their early beginnings and their debut Corruption Kingdom, you may be surprised by the change in direction from thrash leanings to a more classic approach to proceedings. Keeping it old school yet refreshingly modern, it is clear from the first listen REZINWOLF have poured their hearts and souls into this record, but are metal to the core.

Kicking off with Voice of the Youth, the quality and depth of the song writing is only the start of it. Vocalist Danny ‘Murf’ Murphy’s clean vocals have improved massively, with his yaps and yells spot on in classic fashion, yet sounding smooth and charismatic for the melodies. With solos aplenty, the talent of the band is apparent straight away yet they somehow avoid clichés, most likely through their passion for their craft which just oozes out the speakers.

Nearer My Hell To Thee is a punchy and bright number. With this second track it is already impossible not to be seduced by the band’s infectious choruses. The vocals in this track in particular are stellar but it also becomes evident the band’s decision to record and mix in a studio was an excellent choice, as the recording positively shimmers with polished tones and has set the band to flourish. The bass is nicely nestled in the mix, enabling a full and dynamic sound full of rich layers of melodies and riffs, resulting in a delicious gateau of heavy metal.

Third track is in memory of Murf’s mother who tragically passed away before the release. Restart Your Heart brings 80s classic rock to the fore, with cheesy and catchy melodies but with extra heart. If a less experienced band attempted to pull off a track such as this, it might not have been convincing, but REZINWOLF execute the emotion in this song perfectly and you know they mean every word. Even the riffs are catchy. By now you know the band are onto a real winner with this EP, they’re everything you wanted AIRBOURNE to be. They live and breathe this.

The EP closes with the stunning Poison Ivy, which harks band to the band’s heavier origins with more thrashy elements than the rest of the EP. With another catchy chorus but a darker feel, this track is still as irresistible as when it was first released last year. There is a sprinkling of piano on the closing bars, resulting in a dramatic yet thrilling ending for the EP. REZINWOLF have set themselves a high bar here to top when they record their next album. It will be exciting to see what direction the band move into next, but one thing’s for sure, you’ll want to buckle up and go along for the ride to see what heights REZINWOLF can reach with this release.

Rezinwolf – Poison Ivy Review

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