Mechromorph – Self-titled EP

Release date: 22 January 2018. Self-release.

When you hear the name Clacton-on-Sea you’ll probably think of old people, chavs and underage sex under the pier. With Clacton lads MECHROMORPH, it’s more sun, sea and SLAM. Raising the banner for extreme metal from the sunshine coast, they bring the darkness and sickness with their blistering infestation in the form of their self-titled debut EP.

The nightmare begins with Existential Echo, an unnerving introduction to the INGESTED-inspired terror beyond. MECHROMORPH get straight to business with Welcome To The Sprawl, a messy delight of disgusting riffs, ferocious drumming and the guttural prowess of vocalist Mac Mills. All the slam influences are here, but other influences can be heard such as similar beats to Sheffield bruisers MALEVOLENCE. Hints of deathcore also threaten to unleash themselves; they may be no SIGNS OF THE SWARM, but MECHROMORPH are definitely showing some symptoms of something promising.

The impressive beast that is the delightfully titled Vaginal Ventriloquist, is a truly brutal affair. Sounding a bit more bdm than the last track, it has an air of DISENTOMB about it, as well as some BERZERKER-esque flourishes. However, MECHROMORPH do throw all sorts of styles into the pot; a bit of MAGGOT COLONY here, a bit of CRYPTOPSY there.

High Hrothgar Slam Squad lures you into a false sense of security with its slower-paced beginning, but it soon erupts into blastbeat central with Mac Mills spitting venom at a hundred miles per hour. It slows down again but some standout moments ensue, such as the blackened rush towards the end, followed by the filthy solo and chugs into the fade.

When the first riff of Lord Of The Harvest is heard, you know it’s going to result in a hammering assault of the senses. Everything gels disgustingly well in this song; the guitars and terrific drumming of Louis Marson create a truly solid track of sickening triumph. An unforgiving slice of slam with the vocal assistance of Kurt Donahue (of GUTTERAL PAWNBROKEN RICKHARRISONECTOMY) you might think Lord Of The Harvest could be the best track of the EP.

This thought is obliterated when the EP’s finale Rupture Farms invades its way into your consciousness. Mac Mills is once again on fine form here, with his screams being just as impressive as his gutterals. The song feels bigger somehow, their talent oozes out and spills into your ears. The first breakdown surprisingly has an ANAAL NATHRAKH tinge to it, making Rupture Farms the evilest sound to come out of Clacton.

You can’t help but wonder what malice MECHROMORPH could achieve with a bigger budget and a bigger production. It would be interesting to see what elements they include in their next release; a bit of deathcore? More bdm? A blackened stance? One thing’s for sure, I haven’t been this excited about a band emerging from Essex in a long, long time.

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