Broken Girls From Affluent Backgrounds – Fiction Will See Us Through

Release date: 25 May 2018.

Ever feel nostalgic for the glory days of GRATITUDE and CIRCA SURVIVE? Well luckily BROKEN GIRLS FROM AFFLUENT BACKGROUNDS fill that void. With second EP Fiction Will See Us Through, they will hopefully attract a larger audience with their stunning and heartfelt post-rock and ambient-infused rock. The four piece from Phoenix, Arizona write irresistible melodies with twinkly riffs and poetic lyrics that make you lust for the days of NIGHTMARE OF YOU.

Opening with the blissful Bridges, the melodies resonate like those of CIRCA SURVIVE. The mesmerising riffs are very MINUS THE BEAR, giving a sun-drenched feel to proceedings. A very well executed track, it’s a good taster of the quality work that BGFAB offer.

Next track Ghosts of Self might possibly be my favourite track on the EP. The shoegaze tones are to die for, with bands like MY VITRIOL and SILVERSUN PICKUPS springing to mind. The music may seem quite simple, yet it is so beautiful and charming it is impossible not to appreciate what BGFAB are doing here. The production isn’t too polished and that’s exactly the right approach as the songs are so organic and precious that if they were overworked they would lose their innocent charm.

Long Lost is a bit of a belter. With a soaring chorus and its brooding verses, it’s a gem! The atmospheric guitars sound like the more melodic end of MAYBESHEWILL and with the rumbling bass and accompanying drums it is all a winning combination.

Exit Sign is especially blissful. The opening sounds like the love child of MINUS THE BEAR and OPEN HAND and it continues to be absolutely perfect. The hushed vocals and shoegaze guitars sound like the soundtrack to a daydream. If there was an aural equivalent for a cheeky snooze in the sunshine, then this would be it.

The finale of Fiction Will See Us Through is suddenly upon us in the form of Blind Spot and it is a bit of a slow burner which takes a couple of listens to fully appreciate. Featuring the title of the EP in the lyrics, it’s a reminder of the poetic prowess of the band. At times it feels a little like JIMMY EAT WORLD which is always a glorious thing. The ending is a fantastic post-rock soundscape which brings the EP to a spectacular close. You may find yourself sitting there dazed, wishing it wasn’t over so soon . That’s the beauty of a fantastic record. With Fiction Will See Us Through, BGFAB are teasing the world with the magical tunes they have the ability to conjure. More please!

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