Dreamshade – On My Own

Single, self-release. 29 June 2018.

Out of the blue last Friday, Metalmance favourites DREAMSHADE dropped new single On My Own and it’s a corker. Taking the plunge and self-releasing this song, DREAMSHADE are taking a risk putting their new music out there themselves, but with top notch music such as this and a dedicated fan base, they’ll pull it off.

Old fans who were unhappy with the lighter output of last album Vibrant will no doubt be disappointed with this new song, but DREAMSHADE have evolved into a much bolder and a more vibrant (sorry) outfit. They have outgrown their metalcore roots and nailed a mature DREAMSHADE sound. Most bands never achieve a signature sound but this Swiss band achieved it by album number two. Now looking at releasing a fourth album, if On My Own is anything to go by then we might see their most ambitious release to date.

On My Own has that glorious signature DREAMSHADE sound courtesy of guitarist Fernando ‘Fella’ Di Cicco’s shimmering riffs. But it is vocalist Kevin Calì who captures attention in this single with his ballsy approach with his clean vocals now having an extra zest. Immediately you’re confronted with a strong rock song that would keep the radio listeners happy as well as metal fans happy. This winning formula reminds me of later ATRYEU, especially the album Lead Sails Paper Anchor, with it’s catchy yet heavy sound. The chorus sounds a little like a continuation of DREAMSHADE’s single Where My Heart Belongs, a fan favourite from their last album. This will make the transition between Vibrant and the next release a lot smoother for fans.

With the song title and their current situation of self-releasing their material, I can’t help but interpret this tune is their anthem of going it alone and allowing DREAMSHADE to be who they want to be, and create the music they want to make. By releasing On My Own on their own they are making a statement while testing the waters. A promising progression for the band, it will be exciting to see how their direction will evolve for their next full length. More please!



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