PREMIERE: Polars Collide – Sanctutarium

The first look at the Dane’s debut video.

If you’ve been following Metalmance for a while you will know I’ve been raving about Danish metal bands for a couple of years now; from VOLA, GHOST IRIS, CABAL, MØL, SIAMESE etc. Well now there’s another band to add to the list. Say hello to Aarhus progressive death metal collective POLARS COLLIDE. Last year they released their awesome debut EP One to Rise and today sees the release of their music video for Sanctutarium, the first track of the EP. But who is this band? And what is Sanctutarium about?

The history of POLARS COLLIDE goes back to November 2012, when band members Tobias, Hendrik and Leander formed PULSAR. Patrick joined as a bassist in October 2014 but it was finding the right vocalist that took the most time. Luckily the band found Martin in 2016 and POLARS COLLIDE has been complete since. Going at their own pace the band were in no rush to get the ball rolling, preferring to take the time to write and let the songs develop instead of rushing into recording and playing the wrong shows.

It seemed to pay off as One to Rise is an excellent effort for an independently released debut. It’s no surprise really as all members are talented musicians; drummer Hendrik studies as a Master of classical percussion at The Royal Danish academy of music in Odense, and well as being a professional freelance percussionist in the Aarhus and Aalborg Symphony Orchestra; Martin has been practising extreme vocals for eight years and perfected his talent while being a member of melodic death metal band AS WE ASCEND; when he’s not studying to be a professional landscaper, Tobias is taking his love of distortion and BLACK SABBATH and using these influences in his guitar work; bassist Patrick has been playing in a variety of metal and folk projects; and finally Leander is a primarily self-taught guitarist who had an early interest in progressive music and rocks out in POLARS COLLIDE when he’s not studying Mathematics at Aarhus University.

Sanctutarium is definitely for fans of LAMB OF GOD and GOJIRA and is one of the standout tracks on One to Rise. The band say the song basically deals with having a mental disorder and finding salvation – whatever eases the suffering of paranoid thoughts in a confused head. The song deals with the thoughts that quickly make you hostile against the intentions of others, how admission can be perceived from the perspective of the subject. The band try to capture a bit of the madness in the video for Sanctutarium. A strong metal track with relentless riffs, blistering vocals and ferocious drumming, this is a perfect example of what POLARS COLLIDE have to offer. They’re hard at work writing for their next release and promise it will be heavier, faster and progressive as fuck.

Are you ready to join the madness? Check out the video below!

Video edit: Martin Arne Borre








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