Grimm – Play Dead

Release date: 18 September 2018. Self-release.

Is there a MISFITS/goth-punk shaped hole in your life? Fret no more as North Arizona devils GRIMM are here to bring the darkness back to your soul. As their name and album art suggests, these ghoulish dudes are all about monsters, things that go bump in the night and creating raw sounds. This has quite a modest production but I didn’t realise it was something I’d been craving after a long binge on highly polished tech metal. If you want to find comfort in a spooky release then look no further.

Demon I Am is a devilishly charming track full of punky riffs, crooning vocals with a dash of angst. The pace and structure is very MISFITS-esque but without the gimmicks. There is something strangely addictive about this low-budget production. Heck…it sounds PUNK. Killing Spree boasts punkier vocals and some classic “whoa-oooh”s which just trigger the nostalgia. GRIMM aren’t churning out anything new but their energy and sound is as infectious as a virus.

The EP could do without Made From Dead as the harmonies need a lot of work but the track I, Monster is a morbidly groovy treat. There’s something about the ghostly grooves that remind me of the more upbeat moments of TIGER ARMY. I love everything about this song; the snare, the lyrics, the simplicity of the track, the pace…it’s like a rough diamond.

Knife With Violence has quite a bite to it. This is the track with the most spite and vocals of bile in it…and it’s awesome. It’s promising to hear GRIMM aren’t afraid to shake up the goth-punk crooning formula, which makes this track one of the more exciting ones on Play Dead. The formula is back though for last track The Devil’s Carnival, another TIGER ARMY-esque track for the finale. This song, as well as the first track Demon I Am create sufficient ‘bookends’ for the EP, as both songs have striking similarities so it was a wise idea to have these tracks further apart so that Play Dead didn’t become too samey, as well as being able to appreciate the tracks separately.

All in all GRIMM aren’t reinventing the wheel with this EP but you can’t deny how enjoyable the ghoulish sound and punk influences are. If the band keep things simple and try and create their own magical sound then they could be onto a winner. Don’t have nightmares.


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