PREVIEW: Danish Demolition Tour

A look at the four bands on this phenomenal tour.

I swear I start every blog entry with this statement nowadays, but believe me when I say there is something in the water in Denmark. The top quality bands that the country is exporting are threatening to lead the world of heavy music. Four examples of such bands will soon be invading our shores; DEFECTO, HELHORSE, SIAMESE and APHYXION. Each band sound entirely different to the other, ensuring the Danish Demolition tour has something to please all heavy music fans! The Danes will be storming the stage at Boston Music Rooms, London 24th September, and in preparation for this historical night I have shared my thoughts and suggested tracks for each band as well as the bands’ own words on their music, crazy tour stories and what they’re looking forward to most on the tour.



Suggested track: As We Blacken the Sky. This track off the album Aftermath sounds like a cross between INSOMNIUM and PARKWAY DRIVE and it’s got such an epic feel to it.

The heaviest band on the Danish Demolition tour, APHYXION claim notable bands ARCHITECTS and SOILWORK as influences which explains how they gloriously mix melodic death metal with kick-ass tech metal for a signature sound. Last album Aftermath released back in 2016 is still absolutely crushing. This tour finally sees the band playing London for the first time and going by what the band have talked about below, London should expect a fantastic show!

Q. Describe your band in 3 words.

Hard-working, determined and hungry.

Q. What can fans expect from your live show?

We always deliver an extremely tight show with a lot of beautiful Jutlandic dancing.

Q. What’s the craziest thing that’s ever happened while you were on tour?

When we were on our first European tour, only 17 years old, we were invited to sleep at the place of one of the guys who attended the show. His parents were out and of course we completely wrecked his house and had a great party. We all got insanely drunk. The morning after we woke up only to find out, that we were in the house of an extremely Christian family, and that the guy who invited us to sleep over, never really had been drunk before. His parents got home – it was on his mothers birthday, obviously – and they weren’t exactly happy. And off to the next gig we were…

Q. Which other band on the Danish Demolition tour are you most excited to play shows with?

SIAMESE. Their frontman Mirza is amazing. Have you ever watched him dance? If not, make sure to be there when they start to play their songs. Beautiful as hell.

Q. What other Danish bands should people check out?
Everybody is talking about BAEST these days, and with good reason. If you’re into old school death metal, these guys will rock your boat. Go check ‘em out.



Suggested track: Soul & Chemicals. I’ve probably mentioned before but this song is incredible. THAT chorus just rocks and there is an epic core to their sound.

A little while back I featured SIAMESE in a monthly roundup and also in my review of their Tech Fest set, so you have probably already guessed I think this band are bloody awesome. Exciting times are ahead as this month saw the release of their new single Animals which will be on their forthcoming album, and also the announcement they have signed to Long Branch Records! You better get to know this band quick!

Q. What can fans expect from your live show?

BANTER. All depending on how drunk I am, it can be fun or really cringy. But it’s how we do it I guess. Furthermore we are pretty decent musicians. Oh and clapping to 2 and 4 (not 1 & 3 you cheeky c***). Some sweat too.

Q. When did you first hear/meet the other bands on the tour?

APHYXION we’ve known since 2011. I met them when they were only 17 years old. HELHORSE grew up with SIAMESE. We started at the same time. And DEFECTO I know because I am their manager. I’m actually the manager of all the guys.

Q. Which city on the tour are you most excited about playing and why?

There is something totally exciting about the London show. I think that we will have a special night at Boston music room.

Q. What other Danish bands should people check out?

Easy. MØL, CABAL, ODD PALACE, DAZE OF JUNE and UNSEEN FAITH do a very good job if you are into core.

Q. If your band was a food, what would it be?

You know that candy that pops in your mouth? That’s SIAMESE.



Suggested track: Among the Wolves. There’s something very CLUTCH-esque about this song. The awesome groovy riffs and catchy lyrics make this a standout track on their self-titled album.

Compared to the polished beats of SIAMESE, HELHORSE are a gritty, punky and raw beast entirely. Since their first album For Wolves and Vultures, released in 2011, the band have supported the likes of AC/DC, RAMMSTEIN and SLAYER, proving they’re Danish heavyweights and a force to be reckoned with. The band describes their sound and live show in their own amusing way below.

Q. Describe your band in 3 words.

Gritty, hard rocking and no fucks given attitude

Q. What are the band’s musical influences?

HELHORSE is truly a bastard child of influences. We mix punk, classic rock, heavy and great melodies.

Q. What can fans expect from your live show?

An explosion of energy. We thrive on our live performances and it’s something we take great pride in. We’re the kind of band that won’t stop until the whole room is bouncing, dancing, headbanging and going nuts. So expect a great party, huge riffs and a hell of a good time.

Q. What’s the craziest thing that’s ever happened while you were on tour?

Shit a lot of stuff has happened to us, but luckily no accidents (knock on wood). Once we played a showcase in Berlin (a Danish expo thing) and we partied really, really hard. So when it came to the time to go home and our ferry had reached Denmark, the other band had forgotten their bass player (whom had hangovers nearing a deathlike state) on the damn boat. None of them realised this until we asked if they were missing someone! Needless to say he spent 24 hours in Lübeck with no money, no phone and barely any clothes. I was also stand in for another band at a tour where they forgot me in a Chech town that looked like it was the location site of the Hostel Movies! That was only for 30 minutes – thank fuck!

Q. Which city on the tour are you most excited about playing and why?

We always love coming to Hamburg, that city has become a home from home for us. We are really excited about the places we haven’t been before like Harlem (NL) and Leipzig. It’s gonna be some great nights – so show up and party with us.



Suggested track: Nemesis. The title track of their second album released last year, Nemesis has a gloriously dramatic start and continues to be an epic masterpiece.

DEFECTO are becoming something of a massive deal in Denmark. Since releasing their debut album Excluded back in 2016, the band have played sold out tours across their native country as well as supporting the likes of METALLICA and RAMMSTEIN! Their classic melodic metal sound is flawless and fun! The band sum it all up in their own words…

Q. Describe your band in 3 words.

Heavy fucking metal.

Q. What can fans expect from your live show?

Besides rainbows and unicorns, you can expect mesmerizing guitar solos, epic choruses and kickass riffs.

Q. What’s the craziest thing that’s ever happened while you were on tour?

Without going into details we had one crazy ass night in Tokyo last year. The evening involved lots of Jack Daniels, Japanese showgirls and a fistfight with a tourist.

Q. When did you first hear/meet the other bands on the tour?

APHYXION I think we met for the first time when we started collaborating with Prime Collective a couple a years ago. I’m not sure… maybe because it was at the Prime Christmas Party. We knew SIAMESE from back when they were still called SIAMESE FIGHTING FISH. Can’t remember when… maybe because Mirza is soooo old. We met the first time when we supported another Danish band HATESPHERE back in 2012.

Q. If you could have one superpower what would you choose and why?

I’d choose the guts to say no to these stupid ass interviews… Because the clock is 21.19 and I’d much rather fuck my wife!

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