Unwill – Can’t Kill Me

Release date: 16 November 2018. Self-release.

Considering New York rock n roll trio UNWILL have played Warped Tour, shared stages with the likes of VANNA, LETLIVE and HE IS LEGEND, they’ve yet to make any ripples here in the UK. I very much enjoyed their rock-tastic debut album Past Life released last year and I also admire their punky/gothy edge. However, they’re far from original but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy their catchy and ballsy tunes. New album Can’t Kill Me is a bit edgier, a bit cockier and a hell of a lot groovier than its predecessor.

Opening with the confident Keep It Gold, UNWILL are flaunting their simple, yet sexy style with riffs-a-plenty and gang vocals-galore. Getaway boasts licks and riffs that MOTLEY CRUE would blush at, yet UNWILL still boast a kind of innocence about them that makes the trio more cheeky than debauched, which could work to their advantage.

Fault is a bit of a slow burner with its acoustic stance and slower pace. It shows an unexpected side to UNWILL and this unplugged song is oddly charming. We’re back in business with Say What? which is a flamboyant anthem and one of the heavier tracks on Can’t Kill Me, making it stand out. The dramatic ending is the highlight of the album and comes as a big surprise. I’ll say no more.

Album finale I’ll Be Damned begins like a 90s DEFTONES track and the grungy retro feel continues throughout. The rumbling bass and tempting vocals create an epic foundation of rock for their pop sensibilities. There’s something a bit BULLETS AND OCTANE and AVENGED SEVENFOLD-ish about UNWILL that would appeal to heavier fans of rock and the metal crowd in general. The crossover appeal cannot be ignored and is sure to play to their strengths.

UNWILL don’t threaten to push the boundaries of rock but they do threaten to push the boundaries of your record collection. In complicated times it’s good to have a fresh band playing unashamedly ballsy and catchy rock music, leaving you at risk of shaking your hips and banging your head along to the music. Don’t be afraid to indulge.

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