Master’s Call – Morbid Black Trinity EP

Release date: 25 January 2019. Self-release.

Nothing better than starting the year with some British black metal and 2019 is no different. Wolverhampton’s dark metal troupe MASTER’S CALL is kicking off the year in extraordinarily devastating fashion with their debut EP Morbid Black Trinity . The three intense tracks encompass the darkness of faith, body and spirit, but this dark side of faith hits closer to home for the band. Frontman Shayan was born in Iran, where metal and anti-religious lyrics are considered blasphemous and are banned. Despite the risk of jail and even execution, Shayan continued to write and perform black metal until he moved to the UK in 2011 to pursue his freedom as a metal musician. Judging by the quality of his work and his fellow bandmates’ writing on Morbid Black Trinity, MASTER’S CALL is truly a huge gain for the black metal scene.

The evil of the world is the main influence for opening track From Once Beneath the Cursed. Storming in with a metallic riff DARKTHRONE would weep at, MASTER’S CALL belch their horror upon the ears with their riffs of malice and grit. There is an air of CATHEDRAL to the vocals especially, but the relentless pace and outflow of delicious evil pools in your ravenous lugholes until you get your fill of darkness.

Second track The Spire Cranes represents the towering holy buildings that shadow the people oppressed by their faith. Like the subject matter, this track is of a colossal nature, and the only things being oppressed is the light and hope during this morbid anthem. It’s becoming increasingly evident that the band do not shy away from old-school black metal elements, but they deliver such elements with a modern attitude and a massive sound.

Third and final track My Eyes Are The Night is from the perspective of a hunter who preys on vulnerable victims and manipulates them to sacrifice themselves for the false hope of a greater existence. It’s clear where the inspiration for this track has manifested from, but is executed in such a way with blistering passages, that makes the powerful message resonate more. The stunning, blackened riffs carry the song and ensures the EP is brought to a mesmerising close. Brilliant stuff, expect to hear more of MASTER’S CALL in 2019!

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