Kardashev – The Baring of Shadows

Release date: 15 May 2020. Self-release.

The word beautiful is not sufficient to describe the magnitude of emotions that permeate KARDASHEV’s stunning new album, The Baring of Shadows. This album really needs to be heard to be believed. Pulling together the most appealing aspects of post-rock, post-metal, blackgaze/black metal and heavy, progressive music, The Baring of Shadows is a sublime concoction of all styles and so much more. Opener A Frame, A Light can only be likened to a post-metal BLACK CROWN INITIATE with more ethereal clean vocals than that of LEPROUS, but that is only scratching the surface. The way the drums resonate amongst the delicate notes create a cavernous depth to proceedings, until you’re well and truly immersed.

Snow – Sleep commands the power to reduce the hardest metalhead into a sobbing wreck. The majesty of this track is unlike anything heard this year so far. With the chilling beauty of CARTOGRAPHS and TESSERACT-esque harmonies during the verse, it slowly builds to the chorus which provides the most rousing moment of The Baring of Shadows. The sense of loss is frighteningly real and we are left to confront our own demons while KARDASHEV channels IHSAHN into a blistering ending. Snow – Sleep is a barrage of moods and feelings. We’re halfway through the album (which is only four tracks) and some listeners might already be bordering on emotional exhaustion at this point.

Torchpassing sounds like the marriage of ALCEST and MØL we’ve all dreamt of, with bright post-rock twinklings accompanying the intense execution. This track soars to new heights, while album finale Heartache crushes our hopes and dreams with its CULT OF LUNA-esque dissonance. Some well-timed deathcore moments rear their ugly head to ensure the literal heartache of the track is bludgeoned home. As the emotions build throughout The Baring of Shadows, the finale signals the colossal breakdown of all feeling. KARDASHEV has become the epitome of emotional, progressive metal and it will leave you in awe and speechless.


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