Earthside – A Dream In Static Video

A quick chat with Earthside’s Jamie van Dyck about their spellbinding new video.

Back in 2015 New Haven’s EARTHSIDE released their stunning debut album A Dream In Static and 2016 saw the band tour Europe and North America, sharing stages with the likes of LEPROUS, VOYAGER and VOLA. They have now kicked off 2017 with a spellbinding music video for the breath-taking track featuring none other than TESSERACT’s Daniel Tompkins. An emotionally compelling song such as this needs a strong visual accompaniment to do the song justice. Luckily, with the amazing filmmaking talent of Silent Flight Productions, EARTHSIDE have created such a video which is set to attract new fans for this ridiculously talented band. Guitarist Jamie van Dyck kindly let Metalmance pick his brains about the new video. You can read the interview after you give yourself a new year treat by watching A Dream In Static below!



Firstly, I just want to congratulate you on how visually powerful the video is. An emotionally strong song like A Dream In Static deserved an equally compelling video and you guys have achieved this. A Dream In Static has always seemed to be a fan favourite, has a video accompaniment for the song always been in mind?

Jamie: Thank you! Yes, we’ve always wanted to do a video for this song. Since the album’s release, we’d been lamenting not having had the proper opportunity to give this song its time in the spotlight, and we’re thrilled that we can now give A Dream In Static its due.

I’m sure it will be well received! My interpretation of the video is how unobtained dreams can haunt to affect the present, how personal battles show both the light and dark of the human psyche. Is the video concept along these lines?

Jamie: I think music videos are inherently somewhat of an abstract art form, given the lack of dialogue and how the plot cut-ins are interspersed with band performance shots. You’re thematically on with what we’re hoping to evoke. A lot of our A Dream In Static album deals with the internal struggle of having these lofty seemingly unattainable dreams and then a self-doubt that sets in. Our character confronts the manifestation of her self that is a shell of herself, a fear of what she may become. But when you let that fear consume you, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Speaking of music videos being an abstract art form, your previous video for Mob Mentality was very theatrical. There is a strong cinematic feel to your music, is composing for film something EARTHSIDE would like to venture into?

Jamie: Absolutely. We aren’t music journalists, but when pressed to editorialize ourselves, we describe our music as Cinematic. Composing for film/TV and for video games poses a unique challenge where the music serves to heighten the medium its accompanying. As a composer, I often find creative constraints to be inspiring rather than limiting, so I would really enjoy that opportunity assuming that I was collaborating with a filmmaker/game designer whose aesthetic and way of communicating meshed well with mine, and I think my bandmates would feel similarly. We feel that our debut album paints many emotions and aspects of the human experience, a breadth that I think is necessary to accompany something as dynamic as a full-length feature film.

Have you collaborated with Silent Flight Productions before? Or do you try and work with new people each time?

Jamie: This is our first time working with Silent Flight. Erez is a 21-year old rising film maker who’s made several prominent videos in our genre. He reached out to us many months ago about wanting to do a video, and over time, this opportunity evolved and came together to involve him as our collaborator. Over the next few years, he’ll be primarily shifting his focus to a feature film so I don’t know how available he’ll be to take on more music video projects. But perhaps one day he will be our foray into film scoring!

Thanks for your insight Jamie! Last question, what would you like EARTHSIDE to achieve in 2017?

Jamie: With this video as a jumping-off point to 2017, we hope that our music will reach more people and continue to move those who have already found us. We also want to cultivate more of our individual interests within music, with Frank doing more producing, me offering rock/metal theory tutorials and composition lessons over Skype, Ben more actively pursuing drumming as far as session work and Skype lessons, and Ryan streaming online more with his gaming.

As a collective, a successful 2017 will mean foremost finding that creative space and gaining that momentum where we’re on a hot streak where ideas are flowing and the excitement about the music that we’re making together is palpable. Those group creative rolls come and go so we just have to get at it, let ourselves have the time to find that groove, and then ride those waves as far as each one will take us. For me as a musician, the mystery of having no idea what we will compose and just having faith that it will pour out of us is at once exhilarating and anxiety-inducing, and I love it more than anything.

Happy 2017!


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