Deities – Archon

Self-release. Release date: 15th Dec 2016.

Easing in with some feedback static, Archon suddenly crashes into our consciousness with the crushing riff of opener, Luna. Dan Earl’s punishing growls resonate, and from there on in, Norwich’s DEITIES are unstoppable with their own brand of experimental metal. During this first song it becomes clear that with Archon, their second EP, DEITIES are beginning to nurture a more dynamic, mature sound which will be vital for them to thrive in the burgeoning British tech metal scene. The band’s influences are still there, with Luna reminiscent of the grooves of LAMB OF GOD’s Cursed the Blackened Sun, but DEITIES take their influences and twist them into their own aggressive sound thanks to the zeal of guitarist Dave Klussman and drummer Jon Curtis.

Second track Archon is an impressive slab of progressive groove metal, sounding a bit of Silhouettes-era TEXTURES here and there, the band harness their energy and propel it into a full-throttle assault. The song packs a punch with the lyrics also creating an impact “I am enlightened, the apex of humanity. I am resistance, a monolith of the mind”. DEITIES create intelligent music with lyrics to match. Each component is clearly thought out and passionately crafted. The same can be said for Psychonaut, which proves to be a more progressive affair with the soaring vocals of guest singer Dave Maclachlan and the subtle use of djent, which when brought together creates a totally spellbinding composition.

Sol is a straight-up, no-nonsense, metal-de-force and whatever other hyphenated adjectives you can think of. Once again Dan Earl’s lyrics about the state of the Earth and mankind have a profounding effect “We are exiled by the divine, tainted creatures born of spite”. This unbridled frustration makes DEITIES a band of constructive aggression. Penultimate track Bloodletting is another stunning example of what DEITIES have to offer. It is hard to believe this standard of material is already reached by the band’s second EP.

If Archon hasn’t already blown you away by now, then the EP’s finale Blackened will most definitely pummel you into the ground. The masterpiece of the EP, the closing track is a 7 minute shift between styles yet remains a focused triumph. The rich depth of production creates layers of organised noise which lapse together into an utterly compelling opus. If DEITIES have already established a strong sound such as this by their second EP, just imagine what a monster their debut album could be.