Chandrian Kill – Bring Out Your Dead

Label: Bar3 Records. Release date: 7 September 2018.

When presented with a debut EP with only three tracks on it, I approached with caution. Turns out three tracks is nowhere near enough for a release of this calibre. I was blown away with the quality of the songwriting and production, and after reading up about the band it’s no surprise CHANDRIAN KILL are a promising new project. The band are currently a two-piece with years of experience between them; vocalist Nic Whitmore toured the UK and released two albums with NUMBER ONE SON and was signed to Visible Noise Records; his bandmate Ted Clark is best known for his work with MOESABOA (Basick Records) and MY LIFE IN THE MAKING. Clark started writing on his own and sent Whitmore some early tracks. The project ended up being CHANDRIAN KILL and the result is the brilliant Bring Out Your Dead.

Kicking off with first single I Collide, it’s a bit of a DEFTONES-infused gem. It also reminds me of later FINCH, the melodies and riffs are a compelling  and nostalgic force. I think this will play to the band’s strengths as most people should be able to find something they like when listening to the EP. There are some interesting electronic effects in the chorus and a dash of djent to keep the young un’s happy but all in all this is an extremely solid track.

Second track Filter Off sounds like it was written in the early 00s with its bold riffs and vocals. I can imagine this track sitting quite happily on a film soundtrack amongst the big American types. The hushed FAITH NO MORE-esque moments are magical and the trail at the end of the chorus is simply delightful, but it is the unexpected techy turn of events which holds your attention.

Last track Remain Alive has a different vibe to it completely. It starts off chill but just ends up being an absolutely massive song – the chorus is HUGE. It again has a bit of a nostalgic sound to it, but it still sounds so fresh and exciting. This is unfortunately the end of Bring Out Your Dead. It might be a blessing after all because if it was a full length with songs as big as this, then we might be crushed under the massive weight of melodies and riffs. This is a thoroughly enjoyable release but I can’t yet quite gauge whereabouts CHANDRIAN KILL fit in the metal scene. I’m hoping they will release another EP before they commit to a full length, as I feel they haven’t found their sound yet. A very strong start though.