Weekly Roundup #1

Proggy, black metal and pop rock madness

Welcome to the first Metalmance Weekly Roundup! What else is there to do on a Tuesday evening? Back in the day I used to live for Tuesday nights as that was when Mike Davies on Radio 1 used to do his Lock Up punk rock show, remember that?

So this is where I’ll be summing up what bands I’ve been listening to this week and what new bands I think you should check out. So, without further ado…

Band to watch: VOLA. These lovely Danes mash up all sorts of genres to create music which sounds as refreshing as it is unique. Elements of djent and prog all settle nicely under soaring keyboard hooks and catchy lyrics. Look out for a review later in the week of the reissue of their album In Mazes which will be released this Friday. You can catch VOLA supporting KATATONIA in the UK next month! The band also released their new music video this week for song Stray the Skies it is made up of more than two thousand hand drawn frames which makes a truly amazing visual experience for such a brilliant song. Trust me, once you’ve listened to it you’ll have the song in your head for days. You can see the video and read more about the band via the link below.


Video to watch: CARACH ANGREN. These Dutch horror metal masters dropped their new video yesterday for their track When Crows Tick on Windows and you really shouldn’t watch it alone at night. Visually it looks like the film Sinister, only with a better soundtrack. The attention to detail here and quality of the visual production stops CARACH ANGREN feeling like a second rate GHOST.  If you’re feeling brave you can watch the video via the link below.

Most anticipated release: TESSERACT. This Friday TESSERACT will reissue their third album Polaris as a new entity titled Errai. With Polaris, the band really stepped up the game and removed themselves even further from their former djent label into a more progressive style. It will be interesting to see what new treats Errai will offer fans. They will support DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT in the UK next March.

Still in the stereo: BILLY TALENT. Billy Talent’s fifth album, Afraid of Heights was released last month and it just gets better and better with each listen. The hooks and catchy lyrics hark back to their early days but there also is a new confidence to their sound. The title track proves to be a moving track and reminds you that you almost forgot just how poetic and honest their material is. You can see them on tour in the UK in October.


Band to rediscover: HIMSA. It’s been eight years since this Seattle metalcore crew disbanded yet their material hasn’t aged at all. Managing to avoid all the whiny vocals the genre was associated with, HIMSA proved to be a brutal beast, capturing the energy and aggression  of hardcore and metal and combining it to create their own metal sound. Their music videos were a treat too, with the tennis parody of Unleash Carnage to the puppet production of Big Timber. This was a band which could have fun and poke fun at themselves which is what the ‘scene’ really needs these days. If you listen to one album by them, then let that be Summon In Thunder (2007). Produced by the master himself, Devin Townsend, this album which proved to be their last was also their most brutal and varied.

Band yet to listen to: INQUISITION. I’ve heard a lot about this riffy black metal band, but yet to fully indulge myself in their stuff. New album dropped last month.

Any good bands to check out? Get in touch!