Prog Down Under Part 1

5 of the best and up-and-coming prog bands from Oz

Think of Australian bands and you’re probably thinking AC/DC and PARKWAY DRIVE, am I right? Well, if you’ve had your ear to the ground, you might have noticed a rise of prog bands emerging from Down Under (sounds painful). Hopefully some of these bands will be familiar to you already, but delve a little deeper and you’ll be bombarded with ridiculously good stuff. So grab a beer, put another shrimp on the barbie and have a gander at the first part of Metalmance’s Prog Down Under…



Formed in 2011 and already three albums in, this progressive alt rock band from Brisbane are now signed to Inside Out Records, home to DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT, LEPROUS and RIVERSIDE. With backing such as this it won’t be long until CALIGULA’S HORSE gallop full pelt into bigger and brighter pastures (sorry). All horse puns aside, this band are set to stun with their unique prog rock sound. They enter the melodic prog territory of later OPETH, and the polished LEPROUS, but the band sound like no other, thanks to frontman Jim Grey’s distinct vocals. No two songs sound the same, with CALIGULA’S HORSE mixing up the styles; a hint of folk here, a little indie there, but it’s all wrapped up in their own brand of infectious melodic prog. They’re currently on tour in Australia but fingers crossed we’ll see them on our shores next year.



Hopefully you’re already familiar with these chaps from Perth, if not…why ever not? Their tour with the mighty DEFTONES starts in Australia this week so now is a perfect time to revisit what makes KARNIVOOL so good. Their third album Asymmetry was released back in 2013 and proved a worthy follow up to 2009’s mightily impressive Sound Awake. With a mesmerising sound like genre greats TOOL, the organised chaos of FALL OF TROY and a sprinkling of MESHUGGAH and THE MARS VOLTA, KARNIVOOL are an interesting beast. Beautifully melodic yet complex and heavy, they manage to capture the essence of progressive metal. Frontman Ian Kenny croons, barks and seduces the listener with his distinct vocals, but the instrumentation is equally as spellbinding. With little nuggets of genius happening in the background, you discover something new with each listen which makes KARNIVOOL a very exciting band to listen to. Let’s hope it’s not too long a wait until the next album.



Another band from Perth, CHAOS DIVINE will be playing Melbourne’s Prog Fest in December along with CALIGULA’S HORSE. CHAOS DIVINE wear their influences on their sleeve, with the instrumentation having a retro feel in places (refer to the beginning of Badge of Honour) and having the melodic ambition of bands such as TOOL and SOILWORK. But CHAOS DIVINE have such a solid sound with the punchy guitars coupled with David Anderton’s strong vocals, that they can hold their own when it comes to melodic bands with soaring choruses. 2015’s album Colliding Skies features their massive, stadium-friendly sound and it surely is only a matter a time before we see this band in bigger venues (and hopefully over ‘ere!). If you like your prog metal of the variety you can belt out around the house, then look no further. Like the chaos in their namesake, their prog is pretty divine.



They’ve managed to wrangle their way onto the DEFTONES and KARNIVOOL tour in Australia and they rightly deserve your attention! With plenty of tricks up their sleeve, this talented band from Perth mix all sorts of progressive influences along with an 80s tinge to proceedings. Already on their 5th album V, released in 2014, the band are finally making waves in the UK, albeit small ripples for now but with their song writing abilities don’t be surprised if it ends up being a full blown progressive tsunami. It is hard not to be impressed with charismatic frontman Danny Estrin and co, as their material spans across a diverse melodic spectrum. Heavy progressive riffs and keys work seamlessly with the band’s catchy lyrics and their unique new wave element which creeps in to give the band a truly refreshing sound. Here’s hoping they’ll voyage to our shores again soon.



Another band hailing from Brisbane, you might have already heard DEAD LETTER CIRCUS’ alternative rock as they formed way back in 2004. They’re a similar level of progressive rock as fellow Australians THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT, with soaring melodies with plenty of prog tinkerings in the background. Citing bands such as PEARL JAM and SOUNDGARDEN as influences, these guys may sound like radio friendly rock on first listen, but there’s plenty of treats happening in the layers of sound. Their third album Aesthesis was released in 2015 and continues to garner praise. Heartfelt yet intelligent lyrics along with deceivingly complex accompaniment keeps DEAD LETTER CIRCUS interesting and relevant. You’ve just missed them play in the UK but fingers crossed 2017 might bring new music or another European tour. This is one Australian band adored both at Home and Away (haha, sorry).




Weekly Roundup #5

5 weeks, 5 bands to check out…

5 weeks, 5 bands to check out…

Band to watch: ANNISOKAY. German metal bands. You either have your CALIBANs or your RAMMSTEINs, but now you have your ANNISOKAYs (Annisokies?). Their second album Devil May Care is out 11th November and last week they released their second single Loud from the forthcoming album, along with a new video to boot. Sounding more intense than ever, they’re a cross between PARKWAY DRIVE and MOTIONLESS IN WHITE, with nods to other metalcore influences. But don’t let that tag put you off (if that ain’t your bag) because ANNISOKAY pack a fresh punch, pulling a modern melodic metal sound kicking and screaming into what is left of 2016. They have youth on their side and a UK tour already under their belt, things can only get bigger and better for this lot. So make sure you catch them when they next roll into town!

Video to watch: WARDRUNA. You’re probably already familiar with WARDRUNA’s warblings (series 2 of Vikings anyone?) but they released a new video last week and it will probably be the most majestic thing you’ll see for a while. New album Runaljod – Ragnarok is due to be released October 21st and this new video for the track Raido should keep you going until then. These pagan pioneers still know how to treat the senses with a truly spectacular video to accompany the haunting, spine-tingling song which erupts into such a rich texture of sound you will want to grab your sticks, rope and the nearest horse and make your way to Bergen…

Still in the stereo: PORT NOIR. Second album Any Way The Wind Carries by PORT NOIR was released way back in April can you believe, but the Swedes’ songs are so ridiculously delicious and catchy it is hard not to return to them. A lot of influences are thrown into the mix. If you listen to Black From The Ink you hear a bit of CULT OF LUNA, if you listen to Earth you might think you accidently tuned into the radio, but chill, you haven’t. The level of melodic goodness doesn’t detract from the heaviness on the album, instead you feel like you’re listening to all of your favourite genres as they are all sprinkled into one tasty package. It is hard to avoid comparing them to LEPROUS, with the clean vocals high in the mix here, but it is hard to pigeonhole this exciting band as they bring so much to the table. They are on the rise in the melodic scene so give the album a listen before you get left behind!

Band to rediscover: JUROJIN. With this current influx of forward thinking neo-prog bombarding our senses (am not complaining!) it seems JUROJIN were ahead of their time! Poetic lyrics, powerfully charged vocals, polished production with a fiercely independent work ethic – and to top it all off – a tabla player… Yes, you read that correctly. It really brought something fresh and unique to the scene, but it was done in a way it was not suffocating. It was subtly used in their first and only release The Living Measure of Time (2010), but it stole the show during some tracks especially Proem. The band disappeared into obscurity which is such a shame as they were compared to bands such as KARNIVOOLand TOOL, and if your band is considered to be similar to the greats then you know you’re onto a good thing! Before disappearing into the void, they were known to play frequent acoustic shows around London which garnered as much praise as their album did. If you listen to one song, let it be The Winter and thank me later.

Band yet to listen to: CARIGULA’S HORSE. I keep hearing snippets of this Australian band, yet to delve into a complete album.