Weekly Roundup #7

Lucky for some, number 7

It’s the seventh roundup which means it’s been seven weeks. Seven Weeks is also an INME song go figure, ah those good ol’ Essex scamps.

Band to watch: FORT HOPE. Currently melting hearts and ears on their headline UK tour, this talented trio from Hertfordshire are sure to tap into the mainstream soon with their pop-infused rock. You might remember these lads when they were in electronic rock band MY PASSION, but now as FORT HOPE, they are winning new fans with their infectious piano-sprinkled tunes. Last week, the band released new single Say No which is from their forthcoming EP Amure. Compared to their last release, their self-titled EP, the band have progressed into a more solid, mature and stronger sound. Vocalist and guitarist Jon Gaskin never fails to impress with his impeccable warblings which soak into their blissfully melodic songs. Heart wrenchingly honest lyrics are set to make you swoon. So spoil yourself with a bit of FORT HOPE tonight and listen to their new track below.


Video to watch: ANTI-CLONE. Just in time for Halloween, these masked nu-metallers from Boston, UK have summoned the underworld for their new video and single Astaroth. With seriously unsettling masks which would give SLIPKNOT a run for their money, this apocalyptic crew brutally groove through this track whilst a ritual takes place for the demon Astaroth to rise. The song itself is menacingly catchy and you’ll be shouting “LORD OF FLIES” along with the song in no time. If you’re looking for some apocalyptic fun, then check out ANTI-CLONE before they rise from the underground.


Still in the stereo: SOILWORK. You can’t beat a good Swedish melodic death metal band can you? SOILWORK are a gift which just keep giving. In a scene where it is hard to make a name for yourself and stand out, let alone remain relevant, SOILWORK always up their game and unleash solid release after solid release. In August they gave to the world Death Resonance, an album of rarities from their career which itself spans for almost two decades. It acts as a reminder that the band still absolutely slay in the melodic death metal genre, that they are still pioneers of the pack, showing the younger pups a thing or two. New track Helsinki roars its way in, with vocalist Bjorn ‘Speed’ Strid is still stunning fans with his faultless ability to switch between raw and clean vocals. Other tracks on the album originate from up to a decade ago, so there is something to offer for every SOILWORK fan. If last album The Ride Majestic was anything to go by, then these ferocious Swedes still have plenty of tricks up their sleeve – here’s to the next twenty years!


Band to rediscover: HE IS LEGEND. For most of you this band from Wilmington, NC are probably a band still to discover, let alone rediscover. HE IS LEGEND are a band you can always rely on to be difficult to pigeonhole. It’s their ability to crossover many genres; from rock and roll to punk, metal and hardcore which appeals the most. They’re a cross between MAYLENE AND THE SONS OF DISASTER’s catchy rock to the chaos of EVERY TIME I DIE. Each release is fresh and provides a new breath of alternative air instead of the monotonous stink our airwaves are full of nowadays. Their lyrics and song titles bring the fun (see: Attack of the Dungeon Witch or Everyone I Know Has Fangs) and listening to any album provides fun times and good vibes all round. They’re currently touring the US but fingers crossed they’ll play on our shores soon.