Vola – Inmazes

A review of album by the promising Danes

Starting with MESHUGGAH-esque riffage, opener The Same War soon dissolves into a blisteringly melodic chorus. This sets the scene the remainder of the album Inmazes. The young band from Copenhagen have already fine tuned their sound which incorporates chugging guitars giving way to soaring vocals and catchy keyboard hooks. Asger Mygind’s soothing voice brings a pop element to the sound as if VOLA are one big djent disco and fans across all genres are invited.

Latest single Stray the Skies is definitely a standout track with its ¬†dominating keyboard riff and a chorus so catchy it will remain in your head for days. It is refreshing to hear a band with keys strong in the mix and it adds to VOLA’s unique sound which sets them apart from the rest. No two songs sound the same on Inmazes with the band’s own melodic metal style tying the album together.

Emily provides a calm interlude halfway through the album but is delivered with as much heart and soul as the rest of the album you can’t help but be swept up by the dreamy sonic landscape. A Stare Without Eyes begins like old-school TESSERACT but it soon evolves into its own progressive beast, a bit like newer OPETH.

Closing track Inmazes opens with an unsettling combination of a disjointed riff and eerie keys, then explodes into such a heart wrenching conclusion of a song it leaves you feel like your among the stars. If you could choose the soundtrack for your daydreams, choose VOLA.