From Inside – The New Era

Release date: 13th January 2017. Self-release.

Barely a year old, Liverpool’s alternative metal outfit FROM INSIDE are set to unleash this beast of a debut EP, The New Era. Aiming to offer fans something which will help through dark times, what else would be better than catchy, emotionally driven metal to guide us into 2017? Drawing from bands in the same vein as BRING ME THE HORIZON, you might be wondering what FROM INSIDE could possibly bring to the table we haven’t already heard a million times before. Well by incorporating electronic, orchestral and atmospheric elements to their material, their sound already sounds richer than many established bands, hopefully meaning this young group aspire to stand out from the crowd and become game-changers down the line.

Launching into the opening track Still Breathing with samples and electronics, the song soon clears into a parade of raw and clean vocals aplenty with the subtle electronic hook driving the song to its crushing breakdown. The production is slick with the help of Drew Lawson of Steel City Studios (BRING ME THE HORIZON and WHILE SHE SLEEPS) but still keeps the tone heavy.

Second track Be Yourself continues to demonstrates the band’s ability to pen an irresistible tune and deliver the soaring vocals. But in the background there is plenty to keep the ears entertained, with plenty of atmospheric flourishes to notice after a few listens. The same can be said for first single Find My Way, which seems to pull from a range of influences from post-hardcore to heavier bands such as MOTIONLESS IN WHITE.

Two Sides of Me fully displays the emotional tone of the band, both through their honest lyrics and their heartfelt music. It starts off like a laidback PIERCE THE VEIL but soon storms in with raw vocals accompanied by the shimmer of piano notes. The switch between raw and melodic is something FROM INSIDE have already fine tuned and is definitely one of their strengths.

Last track There Was A Time moves into DEVIL SOLD HIS SOUL territory with absolutely gut-wrenching vocals propelling the band to a climatic finale. The electronic elements steal the show at the end though, bringing the EP to a chilling and spine-tingling close. A promising start from new hopes of the British scene. Get set for the new era of alternative metal!