Weekly Roundup #9

Nine-nine-nine, some emergency bands for these cold, dark evenings.

Band to watch: EVERGREY. If you want some progressive metal which you can belt out around the house, then look no further than EVERGREY. Formed in Gothenburg in 1998, these guys are already on their TENTH album. Don’t worry if you haven’t heard of them before, you can catch them on tour supporting DELAIN in the UK next week. They label themselves as dark melodic metal and their lyrical content definitely does edge towards the darker side of things, with topics including death and loneliness. Frontman Tom S. Englund and his powerful vocals and big choruses keep the emotions raw and the overall feeling heavy. The instrumentation crosses between melodic death metal and symphonic metal with the excellent use of keys. The series of videos for this album are directed by Patric Ullaeus and the band aimed to “recreate the eerie and desolate sense we had while writing the songs for this – the 10th Evergrey album“. They are indeed, ahem… ever grey, with dramatic landscapes and thoughtful cinematography to create a truly cinematic experience which totally compliments the ambitious nature of their songs. Fans of NIGHTWISH will be interested to hear Floor Jansen appearing on the track In Orbit and Disconnect, both being beautiful collaborations between the two. If you’re after a band who combine melodic heaviness and emotion with impressive videos, then you could do worse than check out the clip below.


Video to watch: SUBROSA. This week, doom band SUBROSA unveiled their video for Troubled Cells. It is a powerful video, delivering a personal statement by leading member Rebecca Vernon of her support for the LGBTQ community in the Mormon Church which changed its policy for gay members in 2015. This has led to an increase in suicides of LGBTQ members in the church. As a Mormon herself, it is her and the band’s stance against this policy. The band from Salt Lake City aim to spread awareness in Utah and the rest of the world. The collaboration with filmmaker Danica Vallone for Kinetic Pictures, has resulted in a very moving video which you can view below. A link to the original article with NPR is also included below, so do click on the link if you would like to read more behind this story.

NPR SubRosa Condemns Mormon Church’s LGBTQ Policy In Powerful Video


In the stereo: NORDIC GIANTS. Everyone likes a bit of a mysterious post-rock band don’t they? This instrumental duo hailing from somewhere on Earth (or Middle Earth by looking at their costumes), are gaining quite the reputation for their intense and spectacular live performances. Wowing audiences this year supporting TESSERACT and playing ProgPower EU, their stage show incorporates short films which brings their “claustrophobic cinema clatter” to the fore. Their last album released in 2015 A Séance of Dark Delusions is a truly spellbinding record, with each listen exposing something missed before. Comparing NORDIC GIANTS to SIGUR ROS cannot be avoided, but the former are definitely carving their own niche, thanks to their live performances and featured guest appearances. The guest vocals help to keep the album fresh and unpredictable throughout, highlights being SATURDAY SUN sounding all MARTIN GRECH-esque on Dissolve, and Nadine Wild-Palmer on Futures Dark which could easily have been a chart hit with its standout pop sound. This album is beautiful in every sense of the word; the composition, instrumentation, lyrics and general ambience of the record. It’s a gift that keeps on giving, each listen is a rewarding one which is a sure sign of pure musical talent.


Band to rediscover: THE SLEEPING. Formed in 2003, this post-hardcore band have been teasing fans recently with a reunion show planned in December. They unfortunately don’t have plans to reunite permanently for more shows and records, but the news has made us feel a bit nostalgic for the glory days of post-hardcore and emo rock. Signed to Victory Records, there are a lot of similarities between THE SLEEPING and other bands on the roster including TAKING BACK SUNDAY, THE AUDITION and ACTION, ACTION, but THE SLEEPING stood out with their infectiously catchy, high energy songs and the striking vocals of Doug Robinson. You might remember hearing Don’t Hold Back on Guitar Hero back in the day, but the album the track is from, Questions and Answers was released ten years ago back in 2006 (can you believe it?!). The album was their second (of four) and it is still a very enjoyable record to go back to now and then. Standout track Loud and Clear is a groovy, hip-wriggling affair with Doug crooning his way through the track with his distinct, punky flare. If you’re pining for the days of AIDEN and SPITALFIELD, then slap some of THE SLEEPING on your stereo and have a boogie-mosh round your room.